View Full Version : Is Cornerstone dead?

20th January 2005, 13:05
Hey guys,
I've been considering getting a new monitor lately, but it looks like Cornerstone may have fallen on hard times. A couple of weeks ago bigmonitors.com seemed to have gone bankrupt or something. Their site is down, and comments on resellerratings.com and elsewhere show people having their orders cancelled and/or credit cards charged with NO sign of product being shipped.

Anybody know more?

20th January 2005, 13:26
I think they realized they didn't have the deep pockets that the other guys did and stopped making/modding their own brand label. They've been slowly reducing their models for a while.

However, the same company owns/owned MonitorsDirect.com, which they have probably just fallen back on.

20th January 2005, 14:14
Originally posted by Jammrock

However, the same company owns/owned MonitorsDirect.com, which they have probably just fallen back on. "Our servers are currently down. Please check back later.

Thank you. "

20th January 2005, 15:23
I love my Cornerstone.

Haven't used it in a while because it's in my office and I've been working an onsite contract for the last few months but I was there last week and was instantly transported to a world of high resolution, sharpness, and refresh rates!

I have Samsung LCD flat panels for my workstation at my customer's office but they don't have the resolution of my Cornerstone.

I got mine through their Canadian distributor, Ingram Micro. Not sure how you might be able to get it in the States. I recall that bigmonitors.com had the best price.

20th January 2005, 18:17
Hrm... monitors direct had some good prices too

21st January 2005, 00:01
Too Expensive in the UK to make any market impact.

21st January 2005, 00:17
I'd say the same for Canada.

They were the most expensive in their size class by several hundred dollars.

Only the Sony FD Trinitrons were more expensive but Sony discontinued those a few years ago in favour of LCD screens.

IIRC, I think my 22" screen might have been the only model sold in Canada through Ingram. They had to special order it. They did keep stock of the 19" so it must have sold.

I just checked and Cornerstone isn't listed as a manufacturer with Ingram anymore. That's one more indicator of their status.

It's too bad that people just don't appreciate quality anymore.