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Fat Tone
14th January 2005, 05:12
You may remember my Fuji F401Z went all psychedelic on me and went back to Fuji for repair. They wanted £100 (I refused) and this prompted me to ask about dye-sub printers to go with Easyshare cameras.

I got the Kodak CX7530, and paired it with their EasyShare Printer Dock Plus. I have to say I have been very pleased with the 6"x4" printouts.

Whilst wondering what I could do with a dead F401 I browsed and came across a note on Fuji's Singaporean web site saying my symptoms were due to a known fault and the camera should be repaired f.oc., and they were even offering a refund to those who had already paid. As you can imagine I got straight back on to Fuji UK who said 'Oh, I don't know why we wouldn't have picked that up...' :rolleyes:

Anyway, this morning I got the camera back again, repaired foc :) So I now own two fully functioning compact digital cameras.

Which is which?:

pic a (www.le.ac.uk/pc/asa8/pic-a.jpg)
pic b (www.le.ac.uk/pc/asa8/pic-b.jpg)

Remember the Fuji cost £350 over 2 years ago and the Kodak cost £153 a few weeks ago.

edit: both pictures taken on max res/quality (not that the Kodak has a quality setting) and fully automatic.

14th January 2005, 05:23
Pic A is the older camera?

14th January 2005, 05:32
Pic A:

Camera Make: Finepix 401
Camera Model: FinePix F401
Shooting time: 02.01.2002 01:51:46
Aperture: F/2.8
F-Number: F/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/512 sec
Exposure time: 1/500 sec
ISO Speed: ISO 200
White Balance: Custom
Exposure Bias: 0 step
Focal Length: 5.70 mm
Metering mode: Pattern
Exp. Program: Normal
Flash: not fired (Auto)

Pic B:

Shooting time: 14.01.2005 12:22:56
Aperture: F/2.7
F-Number: F/2.7
Shutter speed: 1/256 sec
Exposure time: 1/250 sec
White Balance: Custom
Exposure Bias: 0 step
Focal Length: 5.60 mm
Metering mode: Pattern
Exp. Program: Normal
Flash: not fired


Fat Tone
14th January 2005, 05:39
What, couldn't you tell by looking? :D It is interesting to see the different approcahes the two cameras took to the same shot just a few seconds apart.

Now if only I could get the quality of the Kodak in the size of the Fuji, I'd be a very happy man :)

14th January 2005, 07:58
Get a Sony ;)

I don't like Sony as a company, and I have always looked down on their cameras as "gadgets", not picture taking devices, but recently my sister visited and brought along a Sony 5mp 3x zoom cam (in beautiful red). I am stunned by its picture quality, ease of use, Autofocus, looks...


Fat Tone
14th January 2005, 09:43
Hey, I've already got two digital cameras at home, and an A2 in my drawer at work... :p :)

Anyways, I'm pleased with the quality of the Kodak. The sharing options are a nicety, and you can use it as a portable photo album without using up your memory card. They've clearly thought about how people use their cameras.