View Full Version : HTPC boots... after 3rd try ?!?!?

10th January 2005, 07:13
Hi all,

My HTPC works very nicely... when it wants to boot !

In fact it usually boots after the second or third try. Rebooting is always sucessfull, though (once it has booted once).

My G400 is hooked up to the TV with a selfmade RGB scart cable. When it is hooked up to a CRT monitor, il boots every time without any trouble.

As anyone experienced such a behaviour before ?

I have made sure that my HTPC is well wired to the ground... I dont'get it =(

Any ideas ?

Thx, Cesto

10th January 2005, 23:35
sounds like a dodgy power supply to me mate

20th January 2005, 06:33
Originally posted by Paddy
sounds like a dodgy power supply to me mate

Yes, it could be...

But to me it sounds like the graphic card is looking for the monitor before it boots and doesn't find it right away (???)

Therefor I built a VGA dummy plug (http://tvtool.info/go.htm?http://tvtool.info/english/dummy_d.htm). But unfortunately that didn't work for me... =(
Is this the right kind of dummy plug for Matrox cards ?

Thx in avance, Cesto

20th January 2005, 06:36
I have my G400 connected to only a TV through the composite out and it boots everytime without a problem.

20th January 2005, 06:46
In fact I just realized I could check it by trying to boot without any kind of monitor nor Tv attached. Is this supposed to work ? (I mean "boot" =)

20th January 2005, 06:53
Booting without monitor *should* not be a problem. But knowing if it has booted.... :)
If the problem is before the POST, the beep can help, or perhaps some diagnostic leds that indicate the different POST steps (mainboard dependent: some have this, some don't). Ultimately, some mainboards allow the boot-up process to be followed via a serial terminal (but this is almost exclusive to server boards: even going into bios is possible then).


20th January 2005, 07:05
Knowing it is booting shouldn't be too hard. When it "doesn't" boot, the hard drive starts spinning but there is no hard drive activity after that. It is not the case when the computer boots correctly.

Thanx for your answers, I will investigate further =)

l8er, Cesto

20th January 2005, 07:15
Perhaps you could check your PSU, more specifically the 5 V powerline...

If this isn't supplying enough power, you can get weird results : harddrive spinning but not seeking is one of them, PCI bus acting up is another one (i.e. the activity led on a SCSI controller won't light up). I'm not entirely sure what the IDE activity led does when 5V is not ok...