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23rd December 2004, 06:01
Any suggestions for one thats under $100 bucks or so?

23rd December 2004, 06:24
I love my Home master mx500, if you're looking to program a button to run a sequence of buttons ( macros) I think you can get that for under $100US since it's at least a three or maybe a four year old model. But the newer models have some nice features, for more money. If you're looking for very simple remotes some Radio Shack models are pretty good too.

www.remotecentral.com is a very informative site. ( I haven't looked in a while, so things change pretty fast )


23rd December 2004, 06:56
just picked up a Palm Zire for $29.
and imagine that, there's software available to turn it into a learning remote! and it does macros as well! :D

6th January 2005, 00:17
I love my Sony RM VZ950:

Not sure if it is below your $100 benchmark, but what I like is that it is sleek and seems to have few keys. Yet with one rotatry button (and a display), you can change the device for which the keys work. So in essence, you have the remote you see 8 times! (within one 'remote' you can still mix devices: interesting feature which is not always present, for i.e. volume control combined with dvd control).
It also controls B&O equipment (few do this), but this might not be important.

However, 8 devices is not *that* much, and there is no option for macros.

(the model is hard to find)


6th January 2005, 00:42
We also use the Home Theater Master MX500 and MX600. Revise your budget a bit, Scott.. spend a little more and be really happy. ;)

6th January 2005, 02:09
http://ws4.richersounds.com/showbigproductpicture.php?cda=showbigproductpictur e&pid=CAMB-M1PLUSBACKLIT&fname=small_302526.jpg

Just in budget. Well £50 GBP over here and probably bout 80 USD over there


Backlit LCD reptogrammable remote for up to 8 devices.

6th January 2005, 02:44
Just noticed you also started the new receiver thread. Some new receivers come with a programmable remote (yes, the Denon 3805 does)... :D

Perhaps it is now worth holding out for that remote until you have decided on the receiver.


6th January 2005, 02:48
Also bear in mind that not all remotes that have LCD displays have customisable labels (if this isn't there, buttons could have to be assigned improper labels).