View Full Version : Momitsu DVD-V880N Networked DVD Player

14th December 2004, 11:41

Anyone used this before? I was thinking of building an HTPC, but with this thing, I may not need to. I'm still undecided.

If I do decide to go this route, does anyone know if any local Canadian retailers sell them, or will I have to order from the US?

14th December 2004, 16:48
That dosen't look too bad.
More decisions.. more descions.. more decisions...
I still like to try and build my own, just because I have a motherboard, AMD cpu, memory, sound card 2 hard drives, a dvd drive, and a network card. All I need is a video card. I'm thinking of making the case out of wood to kind of match my stereo shelf.
But if it's too much work....

14th December 2004, 17:49
Yeah, it's a tough decision. I'm kinda looking for an excuse to upgrade to an Athlon 64 in my main machine, and building an HTPC out of my AthlonXP would give me that excuse. :D

This Momitsu would be a much easier route to take though...