View Full Version : Got a good deal

4th December 2004, 04:01
Well after looking through some sample shots I decided against the Nikon Coolpix 8800 and went for the Dimage A2. The amount of noise being the deciding factor.

Went into town the first shop Harrisons didn't want to deal really and showed no real interest. One sale gone.

Went to Jessops although I had problems with them in the past and they had the A2 in stock.

Dropped the price down too £541 pounds which was closet enougth the the best deal I found on the web.

After the checking the Fuji film S7000 out gave me a £158 pounds on that as trade in. Not bad as new it sells around £300 - 350.

Now heres the best bit. The Fuji has a fault on it. It struggles to write to XD cards and refuses to switch off. It has done this ever since I forced them to exchange it for the orginal faulty one they supplied me with. The aggro I got last time tired me out and I didn't go for another exchange since it worked perfectly on CF cards.

Do I feel guilty nope fairs fair.