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24th November 2004, 17:40
I need a christmas present for myself. There's a system nearby waiting for a 6800GT(or Ultra) and a monitor.

I thought of Apple's 30" display this time as it would get rid of that 1" border I currently have with my EIZO's.

Having no way to go see the monitor myself, I thought our resident experts might know a bit more about them. I'm not looking to downgrade my picture quality. I've been spoiled rotten by these lovely LCD's.

Does anyone know which brand Apple's nvidia cards are? Are they from nvidia themselves? I'm confused because I think nvidia don't make their own cards; on Apple's site, they don't list which brand.


24th November 2004, 18:38
We just got one of those in at work to look at. I'll be lighting it up next week to test, so I'll let you know how the panel looks. I think all you need to drive it is a dual-link dvi card, so it doesn't have to be the 6800GT. I'll confirm that next week also, assuming my other dual-link cards arrive at work then.

Oh btw NVidia makes some of their own cards like the Quadro, just not the normal consumer ones.

24th November 2004, 20:46
The 30" Apple displays have people complaining that they have a pinkish cast that cannot be removed. I don't remember where I read this though.


25th November 2004, 01:46
Lighting won't be as uniform as on smaller high-end displays, but that's to be expected at that size. Best go take a look for yourself at the local apple store. Pixel count is also quite high, so pixel pitch is low, so pixels are quite small (I'd like it, some wouldn't).

BTW, for what will your old screens sell? ;)


25th November 2004, 08:23
I just want the 6800GT as a videocard to upgrade to. The Parhelia is nice for desktop use, but there are some games out that I'd fancy playing now. Linux support is nice, too.

I haven't any apple stores around here. At least, none that I've seen. Being trapped in class and work means I have no free time for myself.

I probably won't sell my monitors. I'd keep the P system for secondary work.

25th November 2004, 09:14
The 'pinkish' tint would be from the batch of backlight bulbs. Hearing that I suspect I know where their lcd assembler gets their backlights from, which also means there are probably some 'neutral' and 'blueish' tint panels around too.