View Full Version : Max USB & PS2 cable length ?

23rd November 2004, 03:05
Does anyone know the maximum cable length possible for USB and PS2 devices before the signal is too degraded ?

23rd November 2004, 03:21
Depends on the device/mobo you are using! I do not recomend usb cabel lengths over 5m!

25th November 2004, 14:31
For USB 2.0 I think it's 5m, then you need to use an active hub (ie with its own powersupply). You can link 5 of them.

USB 1.0 cable are less shielded than the USB 2.0 ones, the max length should be about 3m before using a repeater (active usb hub). You can also link max 5 hubs.

I'm not sure about the max length for PS/2, but it should be anywhere between 15 to 30m.

25th November 2004, 15:03
It's a timing issue, not a signal degradation issue! I don't know whether a hub will do, there are repeaters out there though... for long lengths I bet there is something like USB over ethernet converters.


25th November 2004, 17:24
I have a 5 metre usb cable, which I think is the max(without repeaters).

It works by itself, but if I plug it into a powered usb 2 hub, it will sometimes have problems working reliably with my logitech rumblepad(usb 1).. eg 5 metres IS on the limit

Fat Tone
26th November 2004, 04:02
I have two 7+ metre USB cables (one for a printer, one a scanner, both USB2.0) connected directly to USB2.0 ports on my motherboard without issue.

I have a couple of USB to ethernet convertors laying around - Scan were giving them away with large orders at one point. I think they cost around £15.

I friend is using a 1.5m extension for her PS/2 keyboard and is having intermittent problems.

26th November 2004, 04:22
Oh, have a look here (http://www.dansdata.com/io034.htm). Always trust Mr. Rutter to already know the answer ;)


7th December 2004, 17:57
here (http://reichelt.de/inhalt.html?SID=12QasW9tS4AQwAAC-FoFAb11c33be6187931d5d54e3f359caa9fb;ACTION=3;LAST ACTION=2;SORT=artikel.artnr;GRUPPE=C6992;WG=0;SUCH E=usb;CONNECT=AND;WHOLE_WORD_SEARCH=0;SORT_SEARCH= standard;ARTIKEL=AK%2520USBV%2520AA-5;START=16;END=16;STATIC=0;FC=672;PROVID=0;TITEL=0 ) is a USB repeater with 5 m cable, in german, unfortunately. It is cheap (6.85 EUR), only does USB 1.1, and up to five can be used for a maximum length of 25 m.