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21st November 2004, 21:34
So who's playing? Who's finished?

From what I can tell I'm about 3/4 done. It took me a little while to get into it. I definitely got into Halo 1 much quicker. I think the level design is a little confusing at times (I've been lost a few times). And there are still too many indoor levels that feel like the same layout over and over. And what's with the level design anyway? Who designs a space ship/station/military installation with so may angled pillars protruding from the middle of what are ostensibly high traffic walkways?

The shotgun/sword is my favorite weapon on levels that are heavy with the flood. Having three weapons would be sweet. Adding a beam rifle to the above combo would prepare you for just about anything. But I guess that's one of the compelling features of the game; needing to choose which weapons to take into any given situation.

The new alien rifle (carbonite?) is pretty kick ass. And dual wielding is cool with needlers. The SMC is just as useless as ever. Dual wielding just makes it that much less accurate.

I think the AI is much improved. Your sqadmates can be really helpful now. Although I wish there was a way to give them some basic commands. I find that they're all too aggressive and will blindly charge into situations that are designed to wipe out a direct attack.

21st November 2004, 21:56
finished it last monday. pretty fun - I in general enjoyed it more than Halo. while it gets repetative, it's not Halo repetative. the atmosphere in the level design definately helps. that being said, I found it kinda difficult to tell where I was in the game while playing it - the plot, while kinda neat, seemed to skip around a bit and leave out details.

dual wielding is pretty cool - i found the ability to stagger fire between the two almost invaluable. the SMG does have its uses, particularly against the flood. acctually, the human weapons in general seemed to work really well against the flood. i love the battle rifle but it seems waaayyy too weak and the fact it is only 3 round burst kinda bothers me since you can only have a total of 144 rounds including whats in the rifle. the sword kicks ass. i love jumping into the middle of things and tearing things up.

dunno, overall it's pretty enjoyable. for the single player I wish I had just rented it - it was good, but short enough that it bothers me a little. the multiplayer is pretty fun though.

21st November 2004, 22:04
I've heard a lot of complaints about it being too short. And there being a really annoying cliff hanger at the end. It would have been a neat idea for more single player levels to be unlockable through some sort of online play (like taking part in a big online battle as part of the story line). Or maybe making part of the game unlockable after a certain date as a way to artificially increase play time. It would be simply amazing if they did what Team Ninja did with Ninja Gaiden and released an update that drastically changed the single player game to make it worth playing through again.

24th November 2004, 01:09
I like it.. I'm sure that I am pretty near the end, although I have stopped playing it now that HL2 is out.

I'll play some Coop soon...

24th November 2004, 08:02
You are playing it on X-Box right?

24th November 2004, 08:46
I wouldn't play it on anything else... :)

24th November 2004, 09:40
How could you play Halo 2 on anything other than an XBox?

24th November 2004, 10:08
How could you play any FPS on a console? The controls are so horrible.

btw, this thread should be moved to MURC Gaming.

24th November 2004, 10:48
Actually the control in Halo 2 isn't too bad once you get used to it.

I put the thread here instead of MURC Gaming because I thought that forum was for Matrox related gaming.

24th November 2004, 11:07
It was when it was Matrox Gaming... :)

I find the control for Halo very... unresponsive... I dont mind it on the xbox, but it would bug the hell out of me on the PC.

25th November 2004, 07:02
Hehe.....well,i just cant get used to joypads.
I hope the PC version wont take too long.

25th November 2004, 10:30
The joypads take some getting used to, but it can be done. not anywhere near as good as I would be on a PC, but it doesn't detract from the gameplay much.

25th November 2004, 11:32

25th November 2004, 12:22
I find the character movement very cumbersome... I am prepared ti put it down to the joypad, but I know that it would bug the hell out of me on the PC (as Halo1 did)

25th November 2004, 14:15
I have to admit that it didn't feel totally comfortable to me at first but I blamed it on my new Logitech cordless controller. It's has a controller-s layout and I am one of the few who liked the older, more spread out design. Funny because I don't have big hands.

25th November 2004, 18:05
I believe player movement is a bit more cumbersome than it was on the PC port. I was able to do some hella cool shit on the PC one that I just can't seem to get down on the X-Box.

25th November 2004, 22:07
There were some really kick ass Halo videos on some of the XBox mag discs.

For example, sending a warhog spinning into the air by firing a rocket at it. Then keeping it in the air by repeatedly hitting it, mid flight, with that same laucher.

25th November 2004, 22:08
BTW, I just finished Halo 2 this evening. Without giving away any spoilers, the end was somewhat of a let down. Just not enough closure for my peace of mind.

25th November 2004, 22:23
Have you guys seen the muliplayer exploits, one allows you to fly , the other one allows you to fling tanks around.

25th November 2004, 23:18
I haven't tried the PC version at all. But it sounds cool!

25th November 2004, 23:53
hehe.....the exploits are on the xbox , I don't think the PC version will be out for a while

see here


They show you how to do them, the flying one looks kinda cool, the tank one is going to piss people off

26th November 2004, 00:07
I thought you were talking about mods for Halo 1 PC.

The tank one is pretty funny! I bet it gets fixed via a Live update soon.

I havne't really played online yet but I remember driving the tank over a few enemy AI vehicles and not having any problems