View Full Version : PowerVR Kyro vs. G400 SH

19th November 2004, 05:31
Hello there
Few days ago i get PowerVR Kyro card (64MB). It's my second touch of this graphic card cous ei test it some time ago but.... I got question... Couse they fix many problems with drivers now &...

What card is better ? G400 SH (32MB) or Kyro (64MB+TV OUT).
I read some docs about Kyro ... But i'm wondering what You people think ?

19th November 2004, 06:57
Better for what?

19th November 2004, 12:21
If you game: Kyro

Everything else: G400

Quite easy. But if you really want to play anything made remotely recent you need something newer.

21st November 2004, 12:30
Better for everything. I check many info about colors etc.. & Kyro is very nice card. Support much better mpeg2 decoding than g400 for example. Colors are great too :) I mean wgat is better by chip specs but... what You think about those specs when we compare those 2 cards ? :)