View Full Version : Windows XP MCE2005

15th November 2004, 04:10
I'm considering building a HTPC around a G400 and XP MCE2005. Anyone here doing the same who would like to share their experience?

15th November 2004, 04:12
I don't think that's a good idea. Afaik, MCE2005 leans heavily on VMR9 which the G400 either doesn't support or is far too slow to support in a meaningfull way.
DVDMAX also only works with overlay.

Go for an application that can do most of the stuff MCE can, but which uses overlay surfaces.

15th November 2004, 05:33
Good point; well made! :)

I was pretty well dead-set on MCE as it had all the features I wanted: twin DVB-T support with EPG, series-link, Audio, Pictures, etc. Can you point me in the right direction for media centre software that has similar features but uses overlays instead, and is fully operable using a remote? The box I'm building will go in my AV rack and is to replace a set top box/PVR/wireless media player.

15th November 2004, 08:31
Could he not use the G400 for the display and have a seperate PCI card (ie ATI's E-Home TV Tuner) to handle the video duties? Of course you could probably just check MS's MCE web site for their hardware compatibilty list and see if the G400 will even work.