View Full Version : Upgrade s-video cable?

7th November 2004, 19:37
I'm currently using s-video cables in two places
1) in my room, tv-out from my comp to my tv (20" Samsung)
and 2) from my dvd player to another tv (31" Hitachi)
-both cables are cheapo 6-footers

What I want to know is; has anyone noticed any difference when upgrading to better cables?

I know that for s-video 6ft or under is recommended for best quality, but do you think I'd notice the difference between a 6ft'er and a 3ft'er?

Right now I'm thinking I'll keep the one on my comp the same (I need all 6 feet to reach the tv, and 6ft high quality cables are fairly expensive) but I'm considering upgrading the one on my dvd player (i only need about 3 ft).

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.

7th November 2004, 19:48
This is not worth the time to think about. ;)

6ft is plenty short.

8th November 2004, 11:56
But would I notice the difference between a low quality 6 footer and a high quality 3 footer?

8th November 2004, 17:56
I seriously doubt it.. unless one of them is broken.

The nicest thing about nice cables is they break less frequently. If you have (real) gold plating on the connectors, you are going to be free from any signal loss due to corrosion as well.

9th November 2004, 20:08
alright, thanks for the help, ill stick with what i have then