View Full Version : Will this card work in my system??

19th October 2004, 13:46
I was generously donated a wildcat intense 3D 4110 video card, and from what I can tell it will be quite a bit quicker than my current G450 for my CAD station.
there are a few issues to take care of first:
it is a full length card with a fan at the end facing the front of the computer - perpendicular to the PC board - It will not fit in my case without some modifications to either the card or the computer.
this is not a problem.
the main isssue is that this card is an AGP pro50 card - it requires an AGP pro slot with 50w power capability.
my current mobo is an ASUS p4t533c, which according to the manual and the ASUS site has an AGP pro slot, but no-where could I find information on whether it will supply the needed power to this card.
Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether this card will work without damaging my mobo?
Also, is it worth the effort trying to install this card.



19th October 2004, 15:11
I'm only around 80 to 90% sure that it'll be fine. If I remember correctly, AGP Pro slots all ends with 50W output maximum. So a AGP Pro 50 card should work fine. With AGP Pro 110W being able to deliver 110W of power through the AGP slot and being able to handle either type.

This of course assumes I remembered correctly. But I'm pretty sure it'll be OK.

Do make a search or wait for someone to confirm first of course! :)