View Full Version : Which image database software do you use?

12th October 2004, 07:40
I tried Thumbs Plus (v.7, supports 16bit images!), PS Photo Album and Portfolio. I found T+ very nice.

12th October 2004, 08:07
iPhoto :p

Fred H
22nd October 2004, 14:45
Isn't iPhoto only for MAC? :o


22nd October 2004, 15:08
why, yes, yes it is

22nd October 2004, 15:45
Not fair! Dan gets all the nice stuff (Mac, fat pipe...) and I'm stuck here with my Duron :(

(Actually, it's OK. A little more RAM would be nice, but it's really fast enough. And 768K downstream is fast enough, too - though I'll probably change carriers and get 2Mb for less).


22nd October 2004, 16:56
ACDSee7...used it ever since v.2 and loved it :)

Fred H
2nd November 2004, 10:18
Installed the ACDSee7 but I never should do that.
It re-associated a lot of file suffixes, icons, views in .zip files etc.
It didn’t help to uninstall ACDSee7. Thanks to Ghost I could reset my system. :(
Out of these I experienced some issues in creating web photo albums.
Now, I stay with Jasc PSP9 and Jasc Photo Album 5.


2nd November 2004, 10:40
i use acdsee as well. actually i just use it for resizing and organizing all my files.

i know what you are talking about though when talking about uninstalling it. its a bitch.

2nd November 2004, 12:07
CompuPic here

Fred H
2nd November 2004, 12:12
I never experienced such a program which irreversible associates so many files as ACDSee does, except one: Winsplit. (WARNING)
You have no chance to reinstall if you do some mistake by installing these programs. A Ghost first is a must, before installing.
Anyway, I’ll try it again (I’m just curious). It has a lot of pros, however.
I like the Red eye remover. It is better than in my favourite PaintShopPro.
For only resizing and organizing photos is PaintShopPro good as well. PSP8 is a bit slower than PSP9 but PSP7 is very fast & competitive.

I'd like to find an organizer for web album which can link the components in a ***.htm file other than index.htm.


Fred H
2nd November 2004, 15:21
Installed CompuPic Pro 6.23 Trial.

Wow. It IS what I want.

Thanks KvH for the tip :)


11th June 2005, 04:34
Picasa (presumably similar to iPhoto) from Google (they scare me :ninja: )

Fred H
17th June 2005, 01:17
Can Picasa read/show .RAW, .NEF or .DNG image files?

17th June 2005, 02:05
From Picasa site

File types supported include:

Images: jpg, bmp, gif, png, psd, tif
Movies: avi, mpg, wmv, asf, mov (QuickTime)
RAW data files, including cameras from Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Minolta and Pentax.

Fred H
17th June 2005, 03:01
Tanks. Nice to know
. :)

17th June 2005, 05:26
No problem, since anyway:

This is the Borgle. You will be googleated. Resistance is futile.

Fred H
17th June 2005, 16:06
By the way, I am using Photoshop CS2 for editing AND browsing my pictures. Photoshop Album is useful even for webb albums.
Because my new DSLR camera (Nikon D70) I mostly shot .NEF (.RAW) format and I save my best photos in .DNG (Digital NeGative) and .JPG.
I am also using other photo programs, like Nikon View for transfer the images from the camera to PC. NikonView is also a kind of image viewer and browser. PaintShopPro 9 is also one of my favourites
All these are enough for me.