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6th October 2004, 00:30
I'm using a G450 DualHead in one of my boxes, and after beeing on for a couple of days with some use... popup boxes gets black and some icons are corrupted on my screen.
Also, changing between different programs begins to bug... like i have to click on the programs taskbar icon sveral times until it finally shows.

This behavior began after i changed vid card to the Matrox G450.

I'm using driver version and flashed BIOS to 1.4-4.

Any tips please?

6th October 2004, 00:55
Possible corrupt BIOS or bad memory. Sounds a lot like overheating memory, or you didn't uninstall the drivers from your last card.

6th October 2004, 01:04
The last graphics card was a 2MB ooooold ATi card... i uninstalled it before switching to the G450.

Also, the BIOS was 1.0 something at first... flashed it up to 1.4-4 in an attemt to get rid of my corruption with no luck.
I'm not using this card for 3D... only 2D as it is on my server...

If the RAM on the card is overheating... shouldnt the entire display get corrupted... and not just certain things..
Seems like buggy drivers to me... since a reboot fixes it... for some time at least.

My buddy had a G200 and experienced same problem as me... and i remember i had same troubbel with a Mystique once wich i never solved.

Could it be that the card is running in 2X AGP and not 4X?

Are the driver i'm using ok?

7th October 2004, 02:36
what motherboard and chipset do you have?

7th October 2004, 03:30
Originally posted by G400SG16mb
what motherboard and chipset do you have?

Soyo Dragon+ KT266A with 2x256MB Crucial.

8th October 2004, 05:57
VIA chipset. You have your explaination.

Go into the advanced display controls >> options, and disable bus mastering. This means no OpenGL, but may stop the problems.

8th October 2004, 07:21
Ok i will trie :)

But i used a ATi 9700 for 2 years on this mobo and never had a problem...?


8th October 2004, 08:29
I get the same thing every now and then,
Asus p4t533, XP sp2.
I have to restart windows to cure it.
seems like a driver issue.