View Full Version : Flood lights?

5th October 2004, 11:31
Any suggestions for inexpesive flood lights for digital photo work? My Combination lights suck when paired with my digital camera.

5th October 2004, 15:16
For digital work, get cheap halogen floodlights with stands from the DYI store, and use custom white balance. Notice that these do suck quite a lot of power, and get hot! They are also too bright and bulky (and hot) to be used for near-subject lighting for macro work, etc. - for more creative options, get some with a dimmer (no construction flood lights, then, unless you fit them with a dedicated halogen dimmer for the right voltage, which should be easily found). For not too flat-looking pictures, point them towards the ceiling, and avoid symmetric lighting. Big selfmade softboxes might also work (for instance, semi-transparent paper spanned a foot or so in front of the floods. but MIND THE HEAT when doing this!).

CFLs don't emit an even spectrum, they emit three or five discrete bands of light, which creates white when added together, but has problems reproducing some colors. They use lots less electricity and run a LOT cooler (you can actually touch them while they run), though. Two cheap 11W desk CFL lamps on swivel arms are a good, cheap, easy to handle solution for macro and product photography.

Just ordinary (but bright!) incandescant is fine, too.