View Full Version : Yet another Spyware/Adware rant

17th September 2004, 09:56
Well, not so much a rant as a lament.

My machine in my office and my laptop for work are only a couple of months old. Used for work. Protected by Symantec AV with push updates (from a college server) and running RTVScan (which i don't prefer, but put up with for the safety). I'm using the SP2 firewall, and update from winupdate regularly.

And yet... I ran spybot, and subsequently Ad-Aware, and found a whole hornets nest in my machine. I alternated running those two programs and took several iterations and reboots to finally catch and clean everything...


Such is life in a wired world.


17th September 2004, 13:11
Two tips.
Tip one. Stop looking a pRon in your breaks and early starts and late night overtime. :D :D

Tip number two. Use a browser like firefox.

Since I've been using firefox spyware has become almost extinct.

17th September 2004, 13:17
If your using spybot, then why not immunize your system, that way they won't ome back and you won't have to use it so often. Since I've immunized mine, I haven't seen any spyware activity at all, and all I use is firefox, which isn't quite immunized against spywares, unfortunetely.