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2nd September 2004, 10:11
After my Holiday it's time to send my Fujitsu S7000 back for repair.

The faults.

Fault one. Using XD cards the camera won't switch off properly at times. No problem with Compact flash. The solution switch the camera off take out the batteries and then put them back in switch on and then switch off and it'll power down properly.

Fault two. Auto focus. Despite good conditions this doesn't always work. Never been a problem until now.

One solution just very very slightly zoom in and then it will focus.

2nd September 2004, 17:26
I think you generate static or something :)

- Steve

3rd September 2004, 12:37
Originally posted by spadnos
I think you generate static or something :)

- Steve

Too be honest I do I've zapped myself a few times.

I should have taken camera back for the XD problem earlier as it occured one month after the swap out. However since getting the exchange was so annoying, Fuji didn't want to know once they knew 28 days had gone and the shop I bought it from didn't know the trading laws I didn't want too battle again.

Too be honest it's still up too the shop to exchange it but arsing around is too much.

Today apart from once it worked perfectly. Same conditions good sunlight go and figure.

3rd September 2004, 12:40
perhaps it wants a tan :D

3rd September 2004, 13:47
Kick up it ass more like. :D