View Full Version : Can't get higher than 640 x 480 @ 60hz

27th August 2004, 21:36
Hello ,
I have a matrox g550 and a Loewe Xelos TV .
Driver 5.92.006 is installed together with the cd-rom that came with the tv. But now... the only way i can get my screen to work fine is to set it at 640 x 480 @ 60hz.
From the moment i change my resolution my screen is fubar.
All sorts of lines and stuff , colors mixed up. you can't make nothing of it.
Even on 800 x 600 :(
Anyone knows what the problem here can be?
Major Thx in advance

27th August 2004, 23:28
Greetings DL, welcome to the forums.

You will probably get better help if you post this in the Matrox Hardware forums instead. Also, please post your system specs(when you create a new thread in the matrox hardware forums).

Sorry I can't help.


28th August 2004, 08:46
Thx anyway . I will post it in hardware aswel then, if anyone else knows this answer , plz let me know.

30th August 2004, 13:08
Did you try 1024x768? My wifes Sharp Aquos TV/monitor only works in 1024x768 OR 640x480 in PC mode. And 60hz refresh is typical for units whose primary design function was as a TV.

30th August 2004, 17:53
Thx 4 the help everyone :up:
But i got it fixed :cool:
I tried and tried a thousand resolutions and finally i got the right one :rolleyes: