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26th August 2004, 08:36
Hi, all.

I'm just wondering how many MURCers will be attending the Photokina trade show in Cologne (Köln)?

Information is at http://www.photokina.de

The show runs from September 28 through October 3.

If you've never been there, it's pretty impressive. They use 11 halls at the Köln-Messe - Kodak usually has their own entire show hall. There's lots of cool photo equipment (film, digital, large format, etc), as well as video, multimedia, home theater, etc.

I'll be there (staying at a hotel in Düsseldorf - it's WAY cheaper)

Hope to see you there.

- Steve

26th August 2004, 11:02
I sooooo want to go, but must stay home due to lack of funds. :(

Suppose I'll just listen to my Jimmy Hendricks instead :)

26th August 2004, 11:08
Can't make it, unfortunately. Keep your eyes peeled for the Dynax 7 Digital (Maxxum for you americans) with body-integrated image stabilizer. KM will also introduce new lenses, among them at least a 17-35mm f/2.8-4 D and a 28-75 (likely f/2.8 all the way).

There will also be a Dimage A200, which is a cheaper and less pro version of the A2, but with the same lens, 8mp, Anti-Shake, and a flash hot-shoe. It will likely have a canon-style swivel display (I've only seen pictures from the front).

I have hi-res images of (not from) the D7D, much better quality than all I have seen online, but I won't post them on my own webspace lest I may taste the wrath of the Konica-Minolta legal division. If anyone knows any webspace where pics can be uploaded anonymously, or wants to host the images on their own space (or wants them mailed), pm me.