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Jon P. Inghram
19th August 2004, 14:20


StreetPilot Colormap (http://www.garmin.com/products/colorMap/#), flashed to the most recent firmware (2.20)
16 megabyte data card
GA-26 (http://www.gpscity.com/g/g/l/ga26c.jpg) remote antenna
Beanbag mount (http://www.gpscity.com/graphics/mounts/auto/lrg/spbeanbag.jpg)
MetroGuide USA map software (version 3.00)
Power cable
Data cable
Manual and quick-start guide for GPS

GPS is missing the rubber boot that covers the power/data socket when not in use. The socket's water-proof and uses gold plated pins and is recessed such that the cover provided mainly a cosmetic function when it unit didn't have the power cord hooked up. Other than that it's in quite good condition, the screens got only the ever most slight scuff near one corner, and it's invisible unless you hold it up to a light and look closely for it. And of course it still operates perfectly.

The remote antenna works perfectly too, but looks rather odd: the rubber layer on the bottom that was supposed to protect the surface that it sits on FUSED to the paint on my car roof one rather warm day and when I removed it the rubber stayed on the car instead of the antenna. Now the antenna has a layer of shipping tape on the base plate which seems to work much better in avoiding damage to the paint.

The beanbag mount is just that, a little beanbag that attaches to the bottom of the GPS via a strip of velcro, it's got a soft, non-slip rubber surface on the bottom (I think it's neoprene.)

The maps included with the software are getting a little old, but otherwise work just fine.

The data cable has been "ghetto" modded to include a power cord to save on batteries when transfering different maps to the GPS, right now it's just got loose ends and thus can easily be adapted to any kind of connection you might need or just ignored.

I'll also transfer the areas of your choice onto the RAM card to save you the time (16 megs takes a while to move over a 115200 baud RS-232 serial port.)

If you need pictures before buying I can borrow a camera and put some up.

The GPS alone retailed for $700 when new, I only want US$160 shipped, a bargin by any measure! :o I'd also trade for a Wacom Intous2 tablet. :)

Accepting PayPal or money orders.

19th August 2004, 15:03
good price, someone should snatch that up fairly quick.
I don't really need one, but If I had something to trade I would consider it - I like toys :)

Jon P. Inghram
19th August 2004, 16:11
Bought it back when I drove a semi, it was very handy. But now I don't drive much if I can help it (crappy car :) ) and don't really have any legitimate need for it anymore (other than the coolness factor.)

Jon P. Inghram
24th August 2004, 07:19
Price drop to $160 shipped (I'd rather avoid ebay if at all possible.)

Jon P. Inghram
26th August 2004, 19:14
Now with picturey goodness! :p

The wavy "interference" on the LCD is a moire pattern between the LCD's pixels and the sensor on the camera, I got unlucky and had the camera at just the right (wrong) distance.







26th August 2004, 19:27
Wish I had the spare bux...

27th August 2004, 04:31
how complete is this for Canada?
from the description on the site it's nowhere as detailed as for the U.S.

Jon P. Inghram
27th August 2004, 10:28
The base map is a bit less detailed than the US one, I took some screenshots comparing Kitchener with Wichita, plus one of Wichita with the MetroGuide USA map.

27th August 2004, 12:24
Will it get as detailed with kitchener (at the street level) as it does with Wichita?

Jon P. Inghram
27th August 2004, 16:08
You'd have to buy either MetroGuide Canada or North America to get the detail. The Canadian version would cover everything the USA version I have doesn't, the NA version covers all of North America at the street level, but I belive it doesn't have as many rural roads (the USA map set I have includes virtually ALL roads, even in remote places.)

28th August 2004, 06:30
hmm, doesn't list the canadian metroguide as compatible - or am I missing something.

Jon P. Inghram
28th August 2004, 14:37
I'm not sure why it's not listed, their site is strangely inconsistant for some things. Any map that works with either the eMap and/or GPS 3+ should work on the SPCM.

Jon P. Inghram
30th August 2004, 15:38