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19th August 2004, 14:09
ive just got a new pair of 21" CRT's (cheers for the heads up fat tone;)) and have got them hooked up to my parhelia either side of my 20" dell LCD, now im running triple head stretched so i can only have a unified refresh rate for all my screens, then CRT's need 85Hz to be usable and i am running each screen at 1280x1024. My dell screen specs say its only supposed to run at 75Hz at this resolution, its connected via DVI.
My real question is whats the down side of running this LCD at 85Hz, could it damage it at all?
many thanks

19th August 2004, 17:33
It won't display an image, most likely. If it works, I don't think it will take any damage, though rylan can probably shed some more insight on this.


19th August 2004, 17:58
Its not going to do any damage to the monitor at 75Hz or 85Hz if you run digital or analog. LCD modules themselves normally take a 60Hz Vsync from the interface board, so it does the sync capture and generation for the glass. The interface board and scalar might be able to sync at 85Hz, but odds are its only capable of capturing 60~75Hz. Nothing wrong with trying it and seeing what happens though. :)

20th August 2004, 05:09
cheers for that guys, runs fine at 85Hz so i guess ill just keep it at that.
thanks again

20th August 2004, 14:25
does anybody know of any good monitor calibration tools for CRT's, the colours look really washed out on these samsungs at default settings and id like to play about with a program to see if the screens are at fault or the settings are wrong.

20th August 2004, 14:31
Your Parhelia should have come with Coloreal on the driver CD.
Not many calibration tools will support triple head...

20th August 2004, 15:36
cheers again kruz, twice in one day you pointed me in the right direction,
much obliged.