View Full Version : How can you lock a browser window?

Fat Tone
13th August 2004, 05:21
Murc emails are good, click a link and they always open in a new window. Other things are not so good. When working at home I use Outlook Web Access. I need the window all the time. I don't want to click on an interesting link and have it occupy my OWA browser window (IE btw, no flames please).

So, is there a way I can 'lock' a window, so it can't get used by something else, and also so it can't be closed accidentally?


13th August 2004, 05:33
In Internet Options | Advanced there is a setting:
'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts'

This is by default checked; try unchecking it...


Fat Tone
13th August 2004, 06:11
Thanks VJ :up: that's stopping OWA getting re-used, and solves part of the problem.

Is there a more elegant window-management solution? For example something that allows you to re-use windows if the title doesn't change, something that prompts before closing selected windows etc.

13th August 2004, 06:17
Wait for Az, he'll come in here screaming 'Opera!' ;)

To be honest, I'm not sure... The functionality you are asking is quite complex...


Fat Tone
13th August 2004, 06:21
I meant to add that the downside to this solution is that you can rapidly end up with a lot of open windows to close!

13th August 2004, 16:00
You could, of course, always try another browser... :p

Honestly, why not use IE for OWA (I guess it is not compatible with other browsers), and use Moz or a better browser (see sig) for browsing? (In case you are allowed to install software)

There are even "1 click setups" to make Opera look and behave a little more like IE. I haven't tried them yet, though (http://www.opera.com/startup/customize/).


P.S.: Yeah I know that wasn't very helpful, but VJ said I would come in here screaming 'Opera!'. Well, he was wrong, I said it very calmly.

Fat Tone
14th August 2004, 02:20
:) nicely put. I am thinking of home use, so I can install a.n. other browser. When at work I use Outlook,and do less browsing ( :eek: ) so it is less of an issue.