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2nd August 2004, 14:19
I can't wait to hear this game in 5.1 with my bad sub. I understand that the audio is very impressive on this game and is an important part of the immersive experience. That's perfect since I'll be playing this game on my HTPC which is hooked into my high quality HT system.

Has anyone had a chance to experience this game (any build) in 5.1?

2nd August 2004, 16:32
Man, I'm thinking I'm going to have to go home tonight and hookup my component cable, run my digital sound cable and move my wireless keyboard over to my HT system and play D3 :D

I have to convince the wife to give up the TV for a few, but I think she will be inclined. I'll tell her she gets to watch a scary movie :D

2nd August 2004, 17:23
Let me know what you think Dave. They say to turn up the sub a bit and knock down the bass on the fronts ... worth a try.

Jeez ... is everyone getting illegitimate distributions of this game or is there some sort of advanced copies going out?

I don't need to set up HT for this game but I do need to quickly finish off some important tasks because I got a feeling I'll be tied up quite up bit over the next couple days. :D

2nd August 2004, 19:21
The game was released early.

2nd August 2004, 19:56
yeah, a number of stores jumped the gun and were selling it as early as saturday...

Liquid Snake
2nd August 2004, 20:46
What's the format of the 5.1 audio for Doom3? Is it using EAX, Dolby 5.1 or something else?

3rd August 2004, 10:44
I didn't get a chance to try it last night, maybe tonight.

3rd August 2004, 20:52
I know you've read this a million times, but...this is ONE SCARY GAME!

OK, without getting off the subject too much, I couldn't get DD working because I didn't have it set up in windows so I didn't have that working. Also, I've never set up widescreen before so that wasn't workign either. So basically I played Doom3 on my 40" widescreen @ 1024x768 without surround sound. I might as well just played it on my normal setup. Oh well, next time I set it up out there, I'll have everything I need to get it going properly. The game is pretty damn scary though.

3rd August 2004, 20:53
sound is creapy. its almost scarier without surround sound because you are not positive where a noise came from :P

4th August 2004, 02:56
I've had to turn it off for a bit ....

Playing at 800x600 with 2x AA

I get some tearing if i strafe, but other wise it looks good.
How do you show the frame rate?
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4th August 2004, 10:50
I'll assume you know how to get into the console. Once there type in:


And you will see your FPS in the upper right corner.