View Full Version : Sonic CineMaster decoder problem

2nd August 2004, 07:58
I bought the CineMaster DirectShow DVD decoder pack recently, and found out that weave deinterlace for interlaced contents is buggy and will not weave properly, leading to interlaced artifacts on the TV-out.

I've contacted Sonic tech support about it, but they haven't responded yet.

So untill they fix it, I would advice against buying/using Sonic CineMaster DS filter for mpeg2 decoding when you output to interlaced TV format (SDTV).

I've tested WinDVD decoder filters and they work fine.

11th August 2004, 10:05
ok, Sonic let me know they can't reproduce the problem. Funny, as I can make it appear on 2 completely different PCs.
Ah well, they at least offer a refund which I gladly accepted.