View Full Version : Damn

11th July 2004, 05:36
Looks like some dust has managed to get into lense assembly on camera. :( :( :( :(

God knows how it got there as it wasn't there last week. I don't know how bad it will effect photos as it's been raining so I haven't taken any today. Hopefully it will drop off otherwise it's repair time. :( :(

Jon P. Inghram
11th July 2004, 09:55
The cameras on both the MER rovers and Cassini both have specks of dust on either the lens elements and/or the filter wheels, on the unprocessed Cassini images they're obvious as little dark "donuts":


I suspect that all camera optics are made by a cartel of evil sadistic people who's only goal in life is to stick little bits of dust inside the lenses they make. :)

11th July 2004, 10:05
Show us some pics, Chief Lemon Buyer?


11th July 2004, 10:15
Jon thats what it looks like through the view finder or LCD display. The two pictures I took today didn't show it although the spec would have been in the dark area anyway.

Since it managed to get in there hopefully it'll knock itself out again at some time.