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7th July 2004, 12:53
I'm a complete noob when it comes to web editing, but my DSL provider supplies me with my own web space and I have always used it only as space to store graphics so that I can link to them while posting here.

Anyway, I created a tutorial in MS Word and want it to be viewable on my website. I saved it as an .html file and when viewed from my computer it looks great -- graphics and all. I uploaded it onto my web space ok, but when I view it I only see the text -- no graphics:(

I can't figure out how to get pics to show up in my doc... can anyone help or point me to a website that is geared toward noobtards like me? :o

7th July 2004, 14:45
If you look at the properties for your pictures, you will see they are not linked to the desired picture. Here is what the property looks like for ALL of your pictures:

http://home.pacbell.net/fimbesi/Projector_Tutorial.htm <--- This needs to point to a .jpg file.

For example, it should look something like:


You need to copy the pictures to the web server and then link the pictures to the page. If you need more info, let me know.


7th July 2004, 14:55
Actually, I gave you somewhat incorrect info.

You created a word doc and then saved is as an html file. This is the underlying cause to your problems. I'm not an expert by any means but saving it this way forces certain things to happen that are undesirable. Even though I can't point out all of the undesirables, I can say that you problably need to creat an HTML document and place pictures within that document. Once that is done you can copy the html document and the pictures over to the webserver.

As long as the pictures are linked correctly within the document, they will show up.

I was wrong about the picture link I pointed out above. There is no picture link. It just appears to be place holders for pictures but in fact, they are just part of the document.

7th July 2004, 15:27
The simple problem may be that you forgot to upload the images. :) I tried to find one of the images, using several permutations of the directory name, and it wasn't to be found anywhere.

The long answer is - you'll need to do a fair amount of cleanup on this - Word is about the worst possible application to use for creating HTML. Don't get me wrong - it's easy, but the quality of the code is terrible. (for instance, your document is 4321 characters long, but for some reason, the HTML is 23K (and ugly).

Try opening it in notepad - you'll see how much extra junk is in there.

Anyway, try uploading the images to the web server, and see if that helps.

- Steve

7th July 2004, 15:51
Thanks for the suggestions. I did indeed upload some of the pictures and even created a test document with one picture that was already in the same web folder, but it still wouldn't show up. I even tried creating a hyperlink without success. I know it's probably something really dumb that I'm over looking...

I figured using Word was probably a poor choice, but I had already written it in Word when I thought about making it available on the website. Is there another applications that is recommended -- preferrably inexpensive or even free? :)

In the mean time I'll try creating it in html document form from the begining.

7th July 2004, 16:13
What kind of server are they running? Windows or Unix? Maybe the images are there, but users don't have permission to see them?

7th July 2004, 16:49
I'm not running a server. All I'm doing is uploading to my ISP which has reserved webspace for me. Document was created at home which is running WinXP and Office 2000. Also tried a test document from work which is running Win2000 and Office 2000.

7th July 2004, 17:18
Did you put the images in http://home.pacbell.net/fimbesi/Projector%20Tutorial_files ?

Yeah just create a folder called Projector Tutorial_files in your webspace and put the picutres in there.

7th July 2004, 19:25
You may need to check capitalization as well - their server is running Apache on AIX, so it should be case sensitive.

- Steve

7th July 2004, 19:48
Yes, indeed file names are case sensitive. I think my problem, among others, is the folder thing CyberTek mentioned. Also, I need to figure out how to reference all the graphics within the html document. I created the .htm off-line, so when I upload it and the graphics, the references are no longer valid.

... at least I think that's what is happening. Also, I think I might try uploading via FTP instead of the Pacbell interface. For some reason moving files around is cumbersome with their interface.

I've decided this is a good opportunity to finally learn something about web editing. :)

7th July 2004, 19:59

There you go :D
Did Word create a folder with the images when you converted the file to html? It also added a bunch of xml and useless crap in there too.

7th July 2004, 20:33
LOL. Yep, I just found that folder a little bit ago, and now things are starting to make sense. Thanks for the link too -- I know it will come in very handy.
Here's my tutorial (http://home.pacbell.net/fimbesi///ProjectorTut.htm) (now with pictures) :)

Thanks a bunch for all the help. Now I can sleep well tonight. :)