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4th July 2004, 15:28
I am looking for a replacement for a PSU from a HP PC. Its a weird size however only -
H - 6cm
W - 12.5
D - 10cm

I have found one at microbite but have never heard of the company before. Its only 230w.

Anyone know where I can get one from elsewhere. HP part no. 5185-2934. It doesnt have to be the hp one though.....

4th July 2004, 16:25
You're right that is an odd size and I just checked the spare I have 5185-3961, it's a tad bigger with less power (185w)... out of a PIII 933 system

4th July 2004, 16:35
worse case scenario, you pull the guts and park it into an atx case (40$)
1. more room
2. more options
3. more power options (get a 300 watt to keep everything happy)

4th July 2004, 17:05
Dil's solution is probably best. Dunno if it would fit, but you could look at a 1u power supply like this one:


4th July 2004, 18:20
hmmm - if this microbyte company has one i will have to go there - customer computer. A new case I dont think is an issue (I think hp cases are awful) - he might though :)

1U is no good am afraid as the depth is only 10cm

Fat Tone
5th July 2004, 00:30
Would the HP mobo fit a standard case?

5th July 2004, 02:59
Fortron makes them I think!

5th July 2004, 03:01
http://www.fortron-source.com/ Look @ their m-atx powers!

5th July 2004, 05:17
fat tone - it would but that involves buying a new case

guru thats exactly the psu i need - now to find a uk supplier

12th July 2004, 15:27
http://www.hamiltone.co.uk/menupage.html. Finally found a supplier - now to see if they are in stock...