View Full Version : A desktop replacement in your hand

24th June 2004, 14:22
Check this out...

This will make pocket PC's and palm pilots obsolete :)

24th June 2004, 14:34
hehehe, saw that ages ago ;)

I perfer Sony's ultra-small computer though... it looks much more stylish (not that this one isn't).

24th June 2004, 14:38
Do you have a link to the Sony Ultra-small computer?

I would like to check it out thanks :)

24th June 2004, 15:01


have fun :)

24th June 2004, 15:08

this is pretty cool

24th June 2004, 15:16
might be something for those that wants to get around the limits of pocket pc ;)

Won't replace any of them thought....

24th June 2004, 15:17
Hardly a PDA replacement. Heat, much less battery time, size. Oh, and 5-10x as much.

24th June 2004, 22:27
Thanks guys for the links etc.

The reason why I say replacement for the PDA is because the Micro PC or the one you saw in my original post is an all out PC the size of you palm, with 20 GB HD and 256 MB of ram which no PDA can touch, of course there is a draw back and thats the battery life, but think of it as a mini laptop for the user that travels alot.
You simply charge it, take it on the road use it to modify a design in visio or work on that spreadsheet, after all it is running a full verion of Windows XP with Office XP or higher. And one you reach your destination you dock it which charges the thing and so on and so forth.

I also believe the price will drop making it a great option as opposed to PDA's or even laptops.


25th June 2004, 00:26
And this is the link to the manufacturer:

Another small PC is the flipstart:

The successors of the Sony Vaio picturebook are a bit bigger, but also very nice:
http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_BrowseCatalog-Start;sid=eJPJ2MPRLezJnIMKqjbD04zATcn2_rpifRU=?Cat egoryName=cpu_VAIONotebookComputers_TRSeries&Dept=cpu_VAIONotebookComputers


Fat Tone
28th June 2004, 02:33
I was watching the latest episode of 24 last night (~8 or 9am epsiode) and the Big Villian was using one of those OQO machines to watch IR satellite images while making his escape!

Powerful indeed ;)