View Full Version : ASUS BlueMagic PCI Slot?

6th June 2004, 13:40
Ok, this is just one of those... "What the hell is that for?" type of questions.

From what little I can find on the internet;

While Asus is light on the details of BlueMagic, what I've heard is that BlueMagic cards will integrate 802.11a, 802.11b, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity on a single card. This would be a fantastic product offering if Asus can make it happen, as it would guarantee networking access to all three major standards without having to purchase three separate network adapters. Whether other motherboard makers and network card makers can or will adapt BlueMagic designs of their own is yet to be seen.

The real question is, what happened to these? This is quoted from a review on the Asus P4PE (the board I have) which is at least two and a half years old.

Sounds like a cool idea, did Asus ever even make them?

The Review I clipped that from is here...http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.asp?id=p4pe&page=2


6th June 2004, 14:09
they did make this (http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/asus_wireless.html)

7th June 2004, 03:43
Yeah, I'm holding out for a 'g' revision.

7th June 2004, 04:56
USB bluetooth adapters are pretty easy to get now too. From what I've heard the wireless chipsets that support both a and g aren't that great yet compared to the seperate ones unfortunately.

7th June 2004, 10:05
Well for my part I can't see anybody using 802.11a while G and B are so used. And bluetooth being one of the major network protocol?? WTH it's useless unless you have a mobile with it and with so many hot spots nowadays I really can't see the use of it.

7th June 2004, 17:59
We've gone over that already. Bluetooth is useful b/c of power concerns.

7th June 2004, 18:40
Nobody really cares about a couple watts extra power consumption on a desktop however. :p

7th June 2004, 21:41
Yeah, but without bluetooth on the PC, how do you sync, or use the DiNovo?

Also, printing and I/O via bluetooth is pretty cool.

8th June 2004, 05:02
Haven't seen printing with bluetooth yet... thats kinda cool. It fast enough?