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3rd June 2004, 05:34
Hmm why won't my monitor turn on?

3rd June 2004, 05:39
lil' spider
about 0.5-0.9 cm long(leg tip to leg tip)

3rd June 2004, 05:40
him again...he's fast

3rd June 2004, 05:44
He's quite a little critter, he leap on me from the roof or something.

Then proceed to bungee jump off my glasses, I thought he was a mozzie and was swatting at a him for minute until I realize he wasn't flying but doing some trick bungee jumping, like a little yoyo

He's so quick for something that small, and cute to

He was very hard to photgraph as he wouldn't sit still for more than a 10 seconds, and I did not want to lose him my house (he would of starved..no spider food for a fellow that size )

3rd June 2004, 09:29
Originally posted by Marshmallowman
Hmm why won't my monitor turn on? I'd say it's a bad resistor. :D :D

- Steve

3rd June 2004, 18:19
heh its a diode :p

3rd June 2004, 18:28
Originally posted by Marshmallowman
heh its a diode :p
R338= Resistor :P

3rd June 2004, 18:37
yep, the diode survived, the resistor is in resistor heaven.
it blew up real good.
unfortunetly, it is unlikely that the resistor itself self-destructed.
something did cause it to blow up.

4th June 2004, 01:56
leaky cap probably (might sound like a broken record,... but it's true! ;)

4th June 2004, 02:19
you can't see it from that angle, but d308 and d309 are a pair , the r338 is hidden behind the black thing.

It is very obvous if look on the other side of the board (d308 and d309 are marked quite clearly)..and since there are 2 diodes marked and only one still actually exists, I have replaced and it is working fine now.. should have checked the caps' tho....

Did not realise how misleading it looks from that angle :eek:

But I must say looking at the photo after you said it was a resistor did startle me.

But if you look along the top of the black box(relay I think) you will jsut make out a bit of the resistor

4th June 2004, 02:24
actually I think r338 might refer to the resistor that is not there...see the large box and empty holes on either side of the burnt out diode....It was for a part that fits over the diode..but was not used for this mode.

Well I %$#@% hope it was a diode...cause its got one now and it seems to be working well :eek:

and I thought the spider was more interesting..pff.

4th June 2004, 05:09
Ok, diodes will spontaeniously combust. You may want to replace the other one just in case.
hope you used the same type as it's neighbour. If this is used in a switching power supply you may need a high-frequency switching type, or you will find it will go south again.

Looks like there are more electonics experts than spider experts :p

4th June 2004, 06:16
Yes indeed.

I'm like Scotty with the spider:

"It's... well it's... it's..... green" :D

- Steve

4th June 2004, 09:37
notice the silk screen for a larger part.. appears to me the went on the cheap and down rated the current spec when they shouldn't have.... aka there would be more + (or -) current to deal with than the other

4th June 2004, 11:11
I noticed that.

I wonder if they designed the board to accept either a resistor (R338) or a diode in the same location? The wider hole spacing is the same as the large resistors above the diode.

- Steve

4th June 2004, 11:19
I doubt it. One thing alot of vendors (Dell, Gateway, HP etc) have done to increase profit is have the OEM omit components, specifically features and or safety circuitry. Sadly it's normally the latter :(

4th June 2004, 22:04
Its a optiquest v95 moniter, a dead ringer for a viewsonic with a similar model number...in fact the monitor profile file the monitor was on the viewsonics site.

But yes I do think they skimped a bit on the PSU side of things...

Its a great monitor , but when we bought a pair (8-9 years ago) one kept dying (well not dying, just would not come out of standby)

They got sick of fixing it and replaced it with a slightly later trevision...that one has been rock solid.

But this one did not exhibit this problem until a few years ago(out of warranty), probably because it was kept on a UPS.

Picture quality and colour wise it is great, but the PSU part definitely has a design fault..

PS Power supply in Perth is not the best, brown outs, blackouts and infrequent glitch are not uncommon. Which just happen toi coincide with when the moniters develop faults

PPS did replace the diode with a similar power diode

30th June 2004, 09:58
Marshmallowman, ever had huntsman spiders staring at you when you wake up in the early morning??

30th June 2004, 18:54
A couple of years ago I was woken in the middle of the night with A big one crawling over my chest...went from completly asleep to wide awake in about one and a half seconds.

More suprise than anything I suppose.

Those particular spiders have a bit of an attitude. If you try to pick them up on something so you can fling them outside they will invariably charge at you.

But I quite like them...they go around eating all the other spiders :)

30th June 2004, 19:26
Ever got bitten before?
I've been bitten by a house spider before, but that was during my sleep. I just saw two bite marks on my arm the next morning and a house spider dangeling from the roof....