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1st June 2004, 05:20
I am finally getting around to buying a new SD card for my F300.
I notice that PicStop (http://www.picstop.co.uk/securedigital.htm) have 1GB ScanDisk SD cards for £183.

I have never used them before so I cant comment on their reliability.

Is there any chance that my F300 wont support a SD card with 1GB capacity? I can't find the information on Minolta's website and their tech support is being a tad slow.

1st June 2004, 05:31
No idea but I have been thinking of getting a bigger SD card for my F300 - more like 512 in size though. Haven't started researching yet...

1st June 2004, 06:10
I have bought my CompactFlash cards at
They also sell SD cards... (I have no experience with those cards)


1st June 2004, 06:13
I don't know. But I can tell you that the Sandisk Ultra II cards are blazingly fast, while the standard sandisk cards were horribly slow.


1st June 2004, 06:23
Oh, BTW, I see no reason a 1GB card should not work. If it is an SD card, it must be within SD spec, and the F300 is a relatively recent camera.

How do you like it, BTW? Hope I don't have to regret recommending it to you.


1st June 2004, 12:26
nah, its a fab camera.

I havn't seen a Sandisk Ultra II card > 512MB.

3rd June 2004, 01:00
Is it worth paying the extra for a Ultra II card?
The 512MB is not that much cheaper than a regular 1GB card.

3rd June 2004, 01:12
Depends. If you don't have to wait with your current card (what brand and model is it?) and don't plan on shooting series or TIFF much, then I don't think it's worth it. But it is definately not worth it to buy a regular SanDisk card either - other cards at the same price are almost guaranteed to be faster. The F300 can make use of faster cards, resulting in lower save times.


3rd June 2004, 01:16
Cool - I do like to take TIFF shots so perhaps the Ultra II card would be a good investment. Is there a better SD card out there?

3rd June 2004, 01:28
Nope. The only better cards are special rugged versions of the Ultra IIs (extreme or something), they can operate at extreme temparatures and are even more shock resistant. shouldn't matter to you.