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27th May 2004, 16:49
Saw this over at xbit labs:

1st of June, 2004. The first public discussion of i925X, i915P, i915G (formerly-known as Alderwood, Grantsdale) platforms’ peculiarities.
19th of June, 2004. Benchmarks, pricings NDA shift for i925X, i915P, i915G platforms.
20th of June, 2004. Intel Celeron D processor slated to be included into Intel’s price-list.
21st of June, 2004. i925X, i915P, i915G, Intel Pentium 4 processors in LGA775 packaging official launch, mainboards announcements, etc.
24th of June, 2004. Intel Celeron D chip officially debuts.
27th of June, 2004. Previous generation chipsets price drops.
27th of June, 2004. Intel Xeon “Nocona” processor with EM64T announcement.
27th of June, 2004. Intel E7525 (workstation chipset for 64-bit Xeon chips) official launch.
18th of July, 2004. Price slash of Intel Pentium 4 520 processor (LGA775, 2.80GHz, 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus).
18th of July, 2004. Mobile microprocessors price slash.
1st of August, 2004. Announcement of Intel Pentium 4 processors with 64-bit capabilities.
22nd of August, 2004. Massive price drop on Intel’s desktop and laptop processors.
Q3 2004. Revamped i925X – i925XE – product launch.
Q3 2004. Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition with 1066MHz PSB and 2MB L3 cache release.
Q3 2004. Intel Celeron D 340 processor (2.93GHz) slated for launch.
Q3 2004. Intel Itanium 2 “Madison 9M” introduction.
Q3 2004. Intel E7520, E7320 chipsets announcements.

I wish I had never seen this. Makes me feel like waiting even longer to upgrade to Socket 939. Damn it! This is absolutely the worst year in a long time to upgrade. to many thing are happening over the next two years. I see my money depleting quickly.

27th May 2004, 18:57
heh, I still thing 939/940 will be a better solution, more so for an smp system.

and you will have a good upgrade path, unlike intel regular let's change the specs so everyone has to buy our latest chipset trick ;)

27th May 2004, 19:24
That's exactly what I mean ;) Notice the bold. It tells me that AMD will also cut prices which meakes me want to wait until the price drops. Is it worth the wait or should I just get my s939 system right away?

28th May 2004, 05:27
FWIW, I'm planning to do my upgrade around Christmas, or shortly thereafter (depending on the memory market).

By that time, several new CPU formfactors should be out and their supporting chipsets and mobo into a second or third revision (to clean up the bugs, get BIOS improvements, etc.).

PCI express should be in full swing, with other people finding out which mobo/card combos are fastest/most stable, as well as a driver update or two.

There are a lot of interesting new technologies coming out, but I don't want to be the guinea pig, so to speak. ;)


28th May 2004, 15:43
xmas is when i plan to upgrade as well, however I may not have good cash flow if I buy my first car as planned and visit the uk as well