View Full Version : Parhelia AGP8X benchmarks

4th May 2004, 12:12

I bought myself this new card and here are my first results in 3DMark2001SE:

Retail clocks: 250/600 MHz (core/memory)
3DMark score: 9579


Overclocked: 275/700 MHz
3DMark score: 10536


Card feels very stable at the moment and I believe that there is still some room for overclocking.
I just want to play safe and observe my system stability for a while before doing another steps higher. :)

5th May 2004, 03:47
congrats, you just beat my 9700 nonpro! :) (well, 2001SE is actually radically CPU/system memory bandwidth limited on my system, so that's the explanation...)

Also, it looks scale pretty linear way when clocked.

(actually it would nice to see how it likes running on slower system. so, could you try to downclock your motherboard? :) I have 1700XP+ (1461MHz) on SDR mobo.

my benchmark: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=5573986

5th May 2004, 08:16
Hi, Nappe1!

Parhelia clocks: 275/700 MHz
CPU downclocked: 11,5x127 MHz = 1460,5 MHz
3DMark score: 8746


As you can see, the performance drops quite dramatically when CPU speed is reduced.
However, it is still very good compared to the average score with original Parhelia card. :)