View Full Version : AMD to bring dual-core Opteron

30th April 2004, 06:36
Read about it here (http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1574331,00.asp)

Whats interesting is that you can just plug them into your current 2P system and get an almost perfect 4P system :)

I'm not quite sure if they have seperate memory controllers, but even if they don't AMD will have a nice "in-between" solution for people who want 2 CPU's but cant afford a real 2CPU system (same goes for 4CPU and 8CPU of course) :)

As far as I read they are not sure about releasing a desktop version of the dual-core Hammer, they probably are going to see about whether the market needs/wants/demands it or not. (Would be even more expensive than the FX I guess, unless it replaces it to justify the higher price of the FX compared to A64 :D )

edit: btw, they plan to release them next year :cool:

30th April 2004, 08:29
I suppose a nice alternative to Hyperthreading on home PC's , if they decide to go that route :)

30th April 2004, 11:31
Hehehe, don't need to change anything for a while... :D :up:


30th April 2004, 12:07
kool. By the time dual core Athlon 64's come out and get cheap I should be able to afford one :p


30th April 2004, 12:53
So the rumours were true....

30th April 2004, 17:27
Originally posted by Ribbit
So the rumours were true.... Not yet.

If all goes as planned, the rumors will have been true. :D :D

- Steve

1st May 2004, 19:51
Dualies...sweet! Go AMD!!! :up:

3rd May 2004, 15:39
Kickass. Can't wait to see benchmarks.

5th May 2004, 08:40
I like this one as well

it seems AMD is right on track ... :)