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29th April 2004, 14:51
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the scanned images and read the article.


BTW, if you wnat to see the "official" new images, check them out here:



29th April 2004, 16:52

29th April 2004, 17:09
Now after reading the article...wow!

If half of what they are going to have in the game is well designed it's really going to be a kickass game!!! Far Cry seems puny in direct comparison, the things I've heard of other games like STALKER and Doom 3 doesn't even touch this. Well, well, we'll see when it comes out if it'll able to come through.

29th April 2004, 17:15
It will be interesting to see how good HL2 is. I believe it will meet most expectations. The cool part is, there are things people will be able to do in the single player game to get around a problem that Valve hasn't even thought of yet. Assuming the physics engine is setup as good as they describe.


29th April 2004, 17:45
If it has the same hollow feel as HL 1 all the physics in the world won't save it ;)


29th April 2004, 18:55
Originally posted by az
If it has the same hollow feel as HL 1 all the physics in the world won't save it ;)


There always has to be a troll doesn't there. Someone should ban az.
:p :D

29th April 2004, 23:56
I don't know if you guys saw the vids, but the physics engine is crazy. That scene where the shelf was shot down and those barrels starting falling in between the pegs, and that gun that picks up bodies and tosses them around like rag dolls. Hopefully they will release it after all this. Like the creator said (so shoot me for not knowing his name): "If we have to put another $20 million into it, we will."