View Full Version : As I join your ranks...

23rd April 2004, 21:37
Just went off and got myself a Nikon Coolpix 5700...

Waiting for battery to charge...

24th April 2004, 00:35
Pics, pics, pics! ;)


24th April 2004, 00:37
aye, you'll get them ;) gimme some time.

24th April 2004, 01:07
ok, took a few quick shots outside (need to clean my room first ;) ) of course it turned overcast just as the battery charged.


24th April 2004, 02:05
Can't see anything right now - sun shining on my screen (even text is hard to read). Will have a look tonight :)


24th April 2004, 04:38
Nice one sasq. I did similar things recently when househunting - all flats I went to see I took a load of my own pics. Perfect type of use for a digi cam.

24th April 2004, 07:15
Ok, after cleaning...


You can see my 'Large' single persons appartment :p

24th April 2004, 15:01
I like your apartment :)

The coke vending machine with the roof is funny - the "street" there is quite narrow, isn't it? Do people drive on it, or is it just for walking? And whose scooter is that? :)


24th April 2004, 15:05
That coke machine also sells hot drinks :)

My street is too narrow to drive on. the street i was standing on when i took the pic has traffic. Scooter is mine, not that I have used it recently

24th April 2004, 15:06
Oh and the apartment is 'big' by single person standards, I know a few young couples who live in the space of just my lounge/bedroom

24th April 2004, 15:11
Whoa! I do think your apartment is big enough for one person, but just your bedroom for a couple is insane (says the guy who lives with his girlfriend and daughter in a 36 m<sup>2</sup> 1-room apartment... but we're moving now. I'll post pics when we're finished :))

Quite a difference inside your apartment (nice, tidy, clean wooden floor, etc.) and in the hallway (cold, industrial and anonymous).


24th April 2004, 15:16
Nice hallway would have cost me too much in rent ;)

5th May 2004, 04:23
Sasq: Nice pictures indeed...
Japan is one of the countries I really would like to visit. (especially after my dad was in Nagoya - Kyoto area a week... Invited by famous japanese auto maker... but, that's a different story.)

if you visit Kyoto, oh please go to take some nice pictures from Golden Temple. I have really liked that place since I saw it on my dad's pictures. :)

5th May 2004, 04:49
I will be going to kyoto in September and yes kinkokuji (the golden temple) is on my tour plan.

I have been before and it is very very beautiful, you walk up the path, around a small bend, and there it is, it takes your breath away.