View Full Version : Parhelia 256Meg for sale

14th April 2004, 09:44
This will be going on ebay in a few days but i thought i let the MURC'ers have first reserve on it. You may be very exited if it fits your needs;)

6 months old OEM, made in canada. Have modified it by adding 32 coolermaster crc-uo1 ramsinks to the memory and also an Akasa AK-350 low profile CPU Cooler, which is £50 worth of copper on top of the cost of the board. Will be supplied with all cables and CD, as well as the OEM box and anti static bag which it arrived in. Pictures to follow once i get my camera working again. I have overclocked it but only for gaming and using powerstrip, i have never touched the bios settings on this board. It will overclock to 228Mhz core and 295Mhz memory although this requires an 80mm fan blowing over the memory, without the fan it will clock to about 287Mhz without artifacts in my case.
heres the benchmark to prove its stability at these speeds:

If anybody wants it then im open to decent offers, its in the UK but ill post anywhere if the price is right, they sell for around £375 new and i know im not going to get anywhere near that but im after sensible offers in the region of what i could get on ebay. As for banding i only ever notice it when looking at the sky in operation flashpoint and its not as bad as my 128meg OEM but its still present.
Like i said, thought id list it because i would rather offer it to MURC'ers first then ebay second.
I'm looking for around £250 - £275 for it.