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Lynn Ross
21st March 2004, 06:50
I'm having a problem with windows and it won't shut down it gives me a blue screen and then restarts, and won't shut down....
the question is i can't read the blue screen to see what it says so that i can fix the problem.... I have a friend that helps me with my computer and I can do some of the things by my self but can't remember which button on the keyboard to push to stop the screen's from moving on to the next one can anyone give me some hint's.....
Lynn Ross

21st March 2004, 07:21
This is more general hardware question and will proabably be moved.

The keyboard button is Pause and it's near Num Lock light and above PgUp/PgDn buttons.

From your descriprion, either something went wrong with install (corrupt files, driver or software conflict) or you may have a hardware problem (bad memory, faulty motherboard, faulty power supply, faulty hard drive).

If you want to deactivate rebooting after BSOD do following (assuming, you're running Windows 2000 or WindowsXP):
- right click My Computer->properties
- click on Advanced tab
- click on Settings in Startup and recovery
- disable Automatically Restart, if you want the blue screen to stay so that you can read it

Do you get random blue screens or do they occur with same pattern/application?

Have you installed any hardware or software lately?

21st March 2004, 10:18
General Hardware...

21st March 2004, 10:38
BSOD= Blue Screen of Death.

Yes, there might be a problem with the operating system, as Utwig said. There could be bad sectors on the hard drive in very critical points, too. If you have data on this drive you want to save, I would suggest getting a new hard drive and reinstalling Windows on the new drive, with your current drive as a slave. Check for errors on the old drive to be sure it's ok. While you are in there, make sure memory and cards are properly seated.

Can you tell us:
-When does the BSOD occur?
-Does it occur during boot-up?
-When did it start occuring?

You might want to call your friend and ask him.. sometimes you just have to be there..

Lynn Ross
21st March 2004, 17:51
Thanks you guy's for the information and the idea's.. and sorry placing the post in the wrong place I was scared that there was going to be some big problem and wanted a answer asap ... here is what i was doing to give you an idea about what was the problem with my computer... I was putting in a fm, tv card and the serial number was on the cd and so I took it out of the computer and then placed it back in the cd reader and then it started to give me a new set up all over again, and there seemed to be some conflicts going on... here is what i did I uninstalled software and the card and the computer stopped going into the blue screen and has not had a problem again and i have tried to get it to do the same thing and it seems to be ok!! For now! and the answer's to my questions that I posted where what I wanted to know, good stuff for me...
Thanks Lynn Ross

21st March 2004, 18:07
It appears the TV card has caused some driver conflicts. It might be borked install, it might be poor drivers, it might be your hardware not liking each other.

I adwise to check which motherboard you have (If you have a knowledgable friend, who could help you.) and check on the website of TV card maker if there are any known conflicts. If you have problem finding out. Generally a box in which motherboard came comes with computers and builders put manuals and installation CDS in it, you can also check in Windows:
- Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Information

- In System Summary section check under System Manufacturer and System model.

If it says unknown, there are other ways to find out

Also downloading lattest drivers for you TV card from manufacturer site might resolve the issue.

Also searching Google for your particular TV card, your particular motherboard and problems might shed some light. Type in Google something like: "Leadtek Winfast 2000 Abit KG7 problems" (Assuming you had Leadtek TV card and KG7 motherboard, this is just an example.)

Lynn Ross
21st March 2004, 20:36
I fixed that problem also, I took it back and they said that they have had problems with the card themselves so thanks and they are giving me another one on wed. another brand.... hope that that works and I have a friend that is going to look at my computer to see if it the computer or the card also. And you are pretty sharp I think that I botch the install and that created some of the problems... Lynn Ross

22nd March 2004, 04:32
I'd adwise to post in Desktop video section (as they know a lot about TV cards), tell them your system specs and ask them to recommend a card.

Otherwise, I heard that Leadtek Winfast 2000 TV is decent.