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5th March 2004, 10:40


7th March 2004, 18:26

Jon P. Inghram
7th March 2004, 18:27
Umm... bad link? I don't get it otherwise.

8th March 2004, 12:21
darn... must have changed..... it origonaly had a story about a catfish that swolowed a mobile phone at a zoo when the phone owner acidentaly droped it in there .... :D ... i'll try to find the origonal....

8th March 2004, 12:33
http://www.thisishampshire.net/hampshire/archive/2004/03/05/SOTON_NEWS_NEWS09ZM.html ?

A fish ate my phone!
by Sarah Jones

SOMETHING very fishy has been going on at Marwell Zoo.

One greedy resident has built up quite a reputation for his insatiable appetite after swallowing two mobile phones and a watch.

The red-tailed catfish enjoyed his latest meal with a difference when a visitor accidentally dropped the contents of his pockets into the water.

The 4ft creature, which lives in Marwell's tropical house, gobbled up the phone in one gulp.

Staff tried to get the creature out of the water and attempted to massage it out but were unsuccessful.

They were not too concerned because each time it had happened before, the catfish had always brought it up eventually.

Peter Bircher, curator of the zoo at Colden Common, near Winchester, said: "I suspect that this is quite common with catfish. They tend to snatch their food and if anything is floating nearby that attracts them in anyway they go for it.''

Although staff were not overly worried about the fish because of his previous experiences, Mr Bircher said: "We do have some concern about things like mobile phones because of the action of water with regards to the effects of the battery but fortunately, so far it hasn't been a problem."

Hayley Battle, 22, and her partner Peter Garland, 29, visited the zoo on Sunday with their two young children.

Mr Garland, from Bourne-mouth, dropped his phone, camera and money into the water when his two-year-old son's hat fell in the pond.

Said Hayley: "Peter's pockets were unzipped and everything fell in when he tried to get Cameron's hat out of the water.

"We have been given the phone back now but it is a bit mangled.

"I couldn't believe that it happened, you hear stories about phones going down toilets but not being swallowed by fish."

8th March 2004, 12:59
thats the one :D

8th March 2004, 13:29
It would be funny it the mobile was on vibrate wouldn't it.

8th March 2004, 22:47
it's prolly why the catfish swallowed it in the first place. :)

8th March 2004, 22:50
llc ... reach back in your mind and think defrosted pigion... :D