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3rd March 2004, 15:41
I do this only because one of my old favorite movie quotes popped into my head the other day. Quoth the raven...

I have come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum!


3rd March 2004, 15:56
I dunno, but I already wanna see the movie. :D

3rd March 2004, 23:12

I always thought that was a DukeNukem Quote.

He started one of the levels with it (It was the level with the strippers and the hookers and the blackjack - oh, forget about the blackjack).

And the Scene where you could hit the microphone with a REALLY bad "Boooorneee to be wiiiiilllldd".



4th March 2004, 06:51
If skratch was still on MURC he'd know it. I can't believe now one else does...

Oh well ... think old school 80's action flick with Roddy Piper (WWF/WWE wrestler):


The scariest part is that the movie was actually decent ... in a campy 80's sort of way.

DukeP: Duke Nukem steals most of his quotes from campy 80's movies.


6th March 2004, 21:20
All right, let's keep this one going..

You think grown-ups have it all figured out? That's just a hustle, kid. Grown-ups are making it up as they go along just like you. You remember that, and you'll do fine.

15th March 2004, 20:14
Alright.. impossible, eh? That was John Goodman in Matinee.

I wonder if anyone else has found this movie as memorable as I did..

..what she got was a hairy hand. A hand not only burned, but covered in dense, matted, HAIR!

If someone doesn't speak up, I shall have to call on you. ;)

15th March 2004, 20:30
no ideaaaa

15th March 2004, 20:52
Alright, the actor saying those words was John Houseman..

17th March 2004, 07:00
You are making these to hard for us.

17th March 2004, 07:12
lol.. it's only hard if you haven't seen the movie. :p

Anyhow, that was The Paper Chase.

Someone else go.. I seem to be out of the mainstream.

17th March 2004, 07:36
Heres a somewhat easy one

Let off some steam!

17th March 2004, 09:36
Er ... Commando?

Here's a super easy one.

Blessed are the Greek? What's so special about the Greek?

17th March 2004, 10:53
It's Monty Python, but damned if I can remember the name of the movie...

Edit: Life of Brian :D

Well, I'm scheduled for execution and if I miss it I could be in a lot of trouble.

17th March 2004, 11:53
Originally posted by Jesterzwild
Well, I'm scheduled for execution and if I miss it I could be in a lot of trouble.

This is not Buck Rogers, is it?

17th March 2004, 13:10
Indeed it is. Scary, huh.

17th March 2004, 15:04
Scary that anyone remembers a quote from this quite trashy movie...? :D

(It came on TV here only a few weeks ago, thus I remembered the funny quote. I wasn't really sure, because I only know the german translation..)

Let's go on (an easy one this time):
"A Gun? For what? You're a chemical freak."
"I'm a chemical superfreak, actually - but I still need a gun!"

17th March 2004, 16:03
The Rock of course. Though wasn't it "biochemical superfreak"?

"See how easy that was? Boom, still alive. Now we question him. You know why we question him? Because I got him in the leg. I didn't shoot him full of holes or try to jump off a building with him."

18th March 2004, 09:57
Hmm, this is LethalWeapon, don't know which part ATM (I think the first one?)

P.S.: It IS "I'm a chemical superfreak, actually..." - I had the DVD in my computer last night...