View Full Version : Mars Opportunity's left over junk, strewn about Mars

Jon P. Inghram
1st March 2004, 22:06
Here we have a wide panorama showing on it's right end where the heatshield was carelessly left after smashing to the ground.

False color, 300 kB 5556x748 JPEG, made from channel 2,5, and 7 (near IR,green, and blue-violet-near UV)


Here, a very false color picture depicts the ugly remains of the backshell and it's parachute making a mockery of the Martian landscape.

135kB 1201x1201 JPEG (can't remember the channels I used, probably 2,5, and 7)


Finally, here is the damage to the otherwise pristine soil caused as the rover violently bounced from the impact point before rolling into its crater. You can also make out where the retrorockets cruelly scoured the ground, causing a light area of damaged ground.

False color, 252kB 2867x692 JPEG, made from channel 2,5, and 7 (near IR,green, and blue-violet-near UV.) Balanced the levels and fiddled with the intensity curves to make it look remotely "natural."


An image from the MGS showing the area, the big crater in the wide panorama is the big one to the right here:


1st March 2004, 22:30
Today's junk is tomorrows historic site.


1st March 2004, 22:31
You're being sarcastic, right? Look to the right in that photo and see how some big space rock damaged the "pristine soil" of Mars. :D ;)

Jon P. Inghram
1st March 2004, 22:54
The :D in the title would tend to imply that it wasn't entirely serious. ;)

But they are real pictures! :)