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22nd February 2004, 08:19
I just found this article in the paper about the bar I work part time at :eek :eek:

Feb. 21, 2004. 12:50 PM

Ten charged in Aurora drug bust
Diner was a centre of cocaine trafficking, police say


AURORA - Police descended on four homes and a business in Aurora Friday night, closing down what they say was a one-stop shop for cocaine.
Ten people, ranging in age from 17 to 40, were arrested on drug-related charges.

Police were alerted to Charlie's Diner Bar and Lounge by area residents concerned about rumoured drug transactions taking place at the restaurant.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the business was actively involved in trafficking large amounts of cocaine, police said.

Police said that most of the diner's customers were York Region residents under the age of 25.

An investigation was also launched into the liquor license issued to the diner.


22nd February 2004, 08:32
..and you had no idea this was going on? :confused:

Brian Ellis
22nd February 2004, 08:33
Run like hell for the border, while you still have the chance :D

22nd February 2004, 08:37
Originally posted by KvHagedorn
..and you had no idea this was going on? :confused:

No.. I have caught customers with cocaine there, asked them to flush it, then leave.. have not seen any evidence of anyone selling it there.. at least not staff. Then again , I was only there once a week for a few hours, busy doing other stuff... still it boggles my mind.. I would know all these people. Crazy! I guess I can await a call from the cops then asking for an interview :eek:

22nd February 2004, 23:59
sheesh... good luck man.....

23rd February 2004, 14:33
that's terrible! hope all goes well for you. that would be hard to deal with, all those guys acquaintances and possibly friends. i'm sorry.

23rd February 2004, 21:44
hmm.. dunno. maybe this sounds stupid, but telling them before they call is a good idea? i dunno.

23rd February 2004, 22:56
Please keep us updated Tjalfe...

Held og lykke med det hele!
(And good luck with everything).


Brian Ellis
24th February 2004, 00:43
Originally posted by DukeP
Please keep us updated Tjalfe...

... if they allow you a computer on the Internet ... :D

24th February 2004, 03:26
That was Wicked, Brian!

But funny! ;)


24th February 2004, 04:18
Bet the boss was pleased that his clients were being told too flush it and leave by his staff.
If we don't here from Tjalfe for a while we know why. Clunk click. :D

24th February 2004, 05:39
Tjalfe, If you get to Sleep with the Fishes, please tell me if the Cod's are comming back, mkay?


PS: I really hope this turns out ok for you...

24th February 2004, 07:29
OK.. I went by the bar yesterday. They had had a tv crew there earlier to clear their name, as there is another bar in town with the same name. Mine had nothing to do with this bust, though tons of people had called in asking about it as they too thought it was the one. No sleeping with the fishes for me :D and I suppose I still have my part time job :)

@ the pit..me asking them to flush the stuff would only improve their business .. no? :)

24th February 2004, 09:24
glad to hear it :)