View Full Version : Nothing like debugging someones hardware

19th February 2004, 11:54
Just finnished running a debug programme for immersion. I have steering wheel that like many others using XP ceased to work properly.
After nearly a year moaning at saitek they finally asked for volenteers to work with immersion. After another another month of heckling they finally put me on the list.
I tell you the only reason I done it tonight it's that I'm fed of waiting for the fix. I'm tired becuase I've been on the helldesk most of the morning and spent the afternoon cleaning virus of laptops and desktops. So it's basically stretched my working day from 7.40am too 19.45pm. Hopefully they'll get a fix.
The nice thing this weekend I can go for a nice walk then have a drink then watch football and then drown my sorrows in the evening.

19th February 2004, 12:50
Wow. Why not just buy a new wheel?

19th February 2004, 13:27
Very likely I'd have to do it via the web and whats the guarentee thats going to be properly XP compliant. The saitek I got isn't despite what it says on the box.