View Full Version : How much have you spent on an Ebay auction?

10th February 2004, 20:47
How much have you spent?

Brian R.
10th February 2004, 21:00
Bought my piano on Ebay - $3200 including shipping. They shipped me three pianos and I got to choose between them while they were on the truck.

Also bought a couple of processors for $400 each or so. Miscillaneous odds and ends.

10th February 2004, 21:45
$335 w/S&H for one of my monitors and $285 w/S&H for my 7 channel R/C setup (5 servo's, TX/RX, batteries etc)

Have a few others not worth mentioning :)

10th February 2004, 21:55
I guess I should mention I just dropped $960.50 today on a navigation system for my truck. That is what inspired this post. After I by anything on ebay I always get a little worried that things may not go through or something might happen. I've been burned a few times in the past on $20 or less items.


10th February 2004, 21:57
0 :p

Brian R.
10th February 2004, 22:02
The big key for ebay is (obviously) knowing the reliability of the seller.

10th February 2004, 22:12
Almost spent $400 AUD, but I have yet to to win an auction YET. I'll have to fine tune my sniping skills

10th February 2004, 22:13
Brian, you forgot to vote!

Brian Ellis
11th February 2004, 00:59
Zero point zero zero !!!

11th February 2004, 01:06
Even if you think you know the reliability of the seller, there are those people who steal the good seller accounts and use them for their own crooked dealings. Heard something about this scam on some news show.

11th February 2004, 02:33
Never spent nuffink on ebay or any of its clones.

11th February 2004, 05:42
115 for a Black Lotus... no, the Magic The Gathering Unlimited Edition Black Lotus.... :p ...


11th February 2004, 05:50
Every time I look at an auction, the people always drive the prices higher than what I can get the same item new at the local shops.

11th February 2004, 05:52
Most I've ever spent was like $300 bucks on Casio Exlim ZX3 Mini digital camera...it was cheaper then I could get it for in the store.

Most I've ever sold anything on there for was my Dead Parhelia and I got ****ed over on that one with a charge back from the ****ole.

11th February 2004, 06:02
hhm - 250 on some satellite equip. (for a buddy)
....... - 60 on eprom programmer
....... - 45 on used crankshaft
....... - 35 on some 16x2 lcd panels for sme AVR projects

11th February 2004, 06:02
Nearly 20

11th February 2004, 10:37
My one and only ebay purchase was $740 for my digital camera. Paid cash and picked it up myself, so no worries about shipping.

11th February 2004, 12:09
Won't even entertain the idea of buying on it.

11th February 2004, 12:16
I bought the original version of Xenogears for PS2, best game ever. :)

Cost: 60$ I think.

11th February 2004, 12:19
1700 and something for my laptop (ibm t23). very good price at that point (even some hundred below the price students get) and still under the regular 3 year warranty from IBM. registered on my name, was delivered sealed in the original package, never opened before.


11th February 2004, 12:42
I've bought bikes for around $300, and digital cameras from $500 to $2k.

11th February 2004, 14:17
nothing yet.....

the main lobe
11th February 2004, 14:33
I've bought old engineering books as well as a HP 40V/30A power adjutable DC power supply. That was $200 for the item + $80 shipping. I'm looking to buy an older oscilloscope as well, I haven't had a problem yet. Everything I've picked up has been in better condition than I was expecting. It is important to pay attention to feedback though. I won't bid unless they have >99% positive.

Brian R.
11th February 2004, 22:27
Better yet... Anyone get ripped-off on Ebay?

11th February 2004, 22:38
Originally posted by Brian R.
Better yet... Anyone get ripped-off on Ebay?

yes, twice. Both times it was from Korea and both times it was for music. So no more bidding on items from Korea and I will only bid with people that use Paypal. Why? Because it is the most convenient way to pay.


12th February 2004, 05:03
Originally posted by Brian R.
Better yet... Anyone get ripped-off on Ebay?

I got stiffed on a Santa Cruz Sound card for $50 bucks and some ****ole nailed me for $250 bucks or so on a charge back since he was dumbass for buying my Dead Parhelia for nearly what it was worth if it worked.

I have an idiot now that hasn't paid me for my Xbox and Games I put up for sale. I'll give him another week to come up with the money before I report him as a non-paying bidder.

Brian R.
12th February 2004, 06:23
I almost did. Attempted to buy a processor. Never got it shipped although I sent the seller a cashier's check. They finally returned my money. Never did find out what that was all about...

12th February 2004, 07:03
I bought stuff for work once. Between that transaction and oone more later we got 13 $325 phones for around $90 each. Personally, I will not touch it but I have used Amazon.