View Full Version : Matrox on IRCNET

9th February 2004, 13:23
Hi :) If some Matrox fun is on IRCNet IRC server, please come too #matrox :)

Best Regards

9th February 2004, 14:53
you've been missing out on the matrox 'fun' on irc since it's not on ircnet but on MURCnet :D

see the sticky post that's second from the top of this forum

10th February 2004, 05:44
dZeus yes yes, but there is many users on ircnet, maybe someone will need some info, or maybe will just wanna to talk about big M :)

10th February 2004, 06:04
Guest> So, anything new from Matrox ? I have this huge pack of $$ that I want to spend on a graphic card for my new rig !

Murcer> No, nothing new.

Guest> Oh, ok.. Going to the nVIDIA / ATi channel. Bye...

10th February 2004, 07:49
LOL~!!~!~!~!~ :D