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6th February 2004, 16:33
I have to re-design my site, not happy with it at the moment and it is expanding. Anyway I'm going for a more standard corporate style look, below are three examples that I quickly knocked up in PSP.

It is the page that you would get to after clicking on an artists name, current site loads the thumbnails for the artist into a small frame at the side.

All going to be css so changing the theme will be no biggie but which one if any looks like a good starting point. I prefer three and one at the moment, although not too keen on the blue a red buttons.


1. Remember very rough, these are just starting guides really. ;)
2. The site has always been designed to minimalistic so as to emphasise (sp) the art.

Edit: Made images links

http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea_thumb.jpg (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea.jpg)
http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea_02_thumb.jpg (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea_02.jpg)
http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea_03_thumb.jpg (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/layout_idea_03.jpg)

6th February 2004, 16:43

6th February 2004, 17:02
I agree, I think #1 would be the best start.

6th February 2004, 17:13
One is easiest on the eyes - mostly due to the not overly contrasty text fields.

You could do something with non-flat buttons (like 2 or 3), but keep the general light color scheme of 1.

(sorry - colour scheme - I see you're in the UK :) )

- Steve

6th February 2004, 20:39
Another vote for #1. Looks the most professional.

6th February 2004, 21:26
Definately one. It's easiest on the eyes, looks the most professional, and distracts the least from the artwork. Though I would make the dark gray buttons a bit lighter.


7th February 2004, 05:20
what cms are you going to use?

Brian Ellis
7th February 2004, 06:04
IMHO, I don't like any of them. In all three cases, there are buttons/fields which lack contrast for easy reading, such as light grey on darker grey or vice versa, For ease of reading the main buttons, #2 is better, but for the secondary buttons #3. For the fields, #2 and #3 is better than #1. Also, the eye accommodates better to dark-on-light than the contrary.

In addition, more use can be made of font sizes. These are all much of a muchness and you cannot distinguish any notion of priority. Avoid any font smaller than 3 (normal) except for things like footnotes.

This ergonomy is important because anyone having difficulty will leave your site unread.

The moderate use of colour can enhance a professional site, but it must be done well and remember some surfers may be colour blind; avoid combinations of shades of red and green, in particular, where the colour is relied on for the contrast.

My 2 Cyprus cents worth.

7th February 2004, 08:23

can you do my site too??? :)

7th February 2004, 11:07
Cheers fellas

Going to knock up the template and see what the css actually looks like, with regards to the text size, the above text is mostly straight text in PSP, it looks a lot better normally.

One was the first one I did and does fit with the current admin system that I have running on the site.

I'm creating my own CMS efty, don't like using anyone elses systems.

7th February 2004, 12:13
While number one is the easiest to look at, they're ALL a bit too cluttered. :)

- Gurm

7th February 2004, 16:47
Ok here we go, created the first one, sort of,

Look a little less cluttered now or still too busy?

Click me! (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/G3Dv3/index.htm)

7th February 2004, 17:24

Brian Ellis
8th February 2004, 04:03
Originally posted by dbdg
Ok here we go, created the first one, sort of,

Look a little less cluttered now or still too busy?

Click me! (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/G3Dv3/index.htm)

Sorry, don't like, not at all easy to read. See above re contrast and priorites.

8th February 2004, 08:52
Make the .info frame lighter, they distract too much from the text.

Also, I don't really like the mouseover for the navigation. The "pressing the button" effect is nice, but the inverted gradient distracts me. Contrast is also lacking a little.

And increase contrast in the .info-title, as Brian said.

For prev and next, consider to add arrows.


8th February 2004, 09:46
Cheers Az and points noted Brian :)

I'll work on it a little more later, current buttons are just the first thing I created, haven't been bothered to create new images yet.

I was attempting to make the main site look a little more like the admin (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/images/updates/admin.jpg) system that will hopefully be up and running soon.

8th February 2004, 16:53
Newest attempt, lot more contrast on the buttons and a bit more contrast everywhere else, still not going to be liked by Brian. :)

Clicky (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/G3Dv3/index.htm)

8th February 2004, 18:42

contrast is definately better :)

That said, I don't like the new nav buttons either (looks win 3.11-ish ;))

Next/Prev arrows are nice, but I'd keep the words, too.

And you misunderstood me with the gray border, I think.. I meant to change the .info border to something like #666666 instead of #000000, because it distracts from the text if it's in the same color. Also consider increasing the padding by 1px (though that might look bad, I don't know).

I know the critique is quite harsh, and I couldn't do it better than you, but I think you can learn the most from honest critique (everybody can) :)


8th February 2004, 19:09
Where you have light colored letters on a dark button or background, it helps to outline them in black (see our own "post reply," etc. buttons here.)

9th February 2004, 01:09
Crit isn't harsh Az, I do appreciate it.

I'll try with a black/darker outline KvH

9th February 2004, 04:05

had a first look at it. Two suggestions:

- do you develop for 800x600 or 1024x768? Right now the width of the site is around 880px. That's too broad for 800x600.
- get rid of the underline in the links, it distracts too much.

9th February 2004, 04:46

I generally frown on fixed page sizes.

Try and make us poor people with more than 1024x768 feel that we are getting something for the inconvenience of these big monitors...


9th February 2004, 05:49
Going to be designed eventually for min of 1024 * 768.

I was going to try and go with a non-fixed layout but in the end the data is all going to pulled from a database, php based site. I can get a horizontal looper working easily enough for a fixed size (2 accross then down etc) but not quite sure how to get it to alter dynamically dependent on res, anyone know a way of doing this in php, other then detecting the res and loading a different page.

10th February 2004, 18:15

Two more ideas, boarders, more boarders and yet more boarders. :)

News Page (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/G3Dv3/index.htm)

Artist Page (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/G3Dv3/artist.htm)

Brian Ellis
11th February 2004, 00:57
Originally posted by dbdg
Going to be designed eventually for min of 1024 * 768.

IMHO, BIG mistake :(

Many surfers have a side bar on their browser windows. This implies that they will be using a resolution > 1280 x 1024, to fit in 1024 horizontally. At 1280, this leaves you just 256 for the sidebar, which is insufficient.

How many people surf at less than 1280? Probably more than 75%.

If you MUST have a fixed width (which I don't like) then make it 800 which probably >75% can accommodate without horizontal scrolling.

11th February 2004, 02:00
My site has had a fixed min of 1024 * 768 since 1999, no major complaints yet, only one member has ever stated they would prefer a lower res, last survey I did asked for a higher res version.

However, I was thinking about the rest of the layout last night and I am probably going to start again and try to make the whole site variable, unfortunately will make a bit more sense for some of the other sections.

There aren't many 800 * 600 3D artists out there but I'll try to keep them happy as well. :)

Edit: Cool exactly half way to being a Super!