View Full Version : Worlds of Warcraft beta sign up open!

Jon P. Inghram
28th January 2004, 19:23

29th January 2004, 05:43

I was supposed to be in this beta a month ago already (signed up via ATI's group), but they said they were "not letting anyone else in due to the alpha leak". Now they're holding OPEN SIGNUPS!?!?

Blizzard pisses me off.

- Gurm

Jon P. Inghram
29th January 2004, 11:12
They're not holding signups, their server collapsed under the load, notice the error message. :)

That does suck that they'd not use ATI testers... their excuse about the alpha leak is very, very weak to say the least. Considering the hordes of l33t d00dz (spoiled brats) that will at least try to get in I'm sure there's gonna be tons that will laugh at the NDA and put the CD up on {Insert favorite filesharing network here} before they even install the game.