View Full Version : video lags behind audio

25th January 2004, 18:01
Hi folks
I'm looking for advice on how to troubleshoot this problem.
I don't know if I should be looking in the audio aplication or what so
i'll start here.
I have a G550 dual head and am running an audio app called Samplitude. The video(mixer and edit windows) is running probably 1 second behind the audio.
Am running XP Home
AMD 2500
!024 Samsung 3200
thanks for your help

Chucky Cheese
26th January 2004, 02:23
...are you sure it is not an incorrectly encoded file? or is it all files?


26th January 2004, 06:35
Hi cc
I suppose it could be anything, I know so little about such things.
Samplitude is a pro audio multitrack recording program. It can be quite cpu intensive.
I really don't know where to start with questions.
Any other thoughts, questions, advice is most welcome.
Thank you for your interest.
cheers Roly:confused: