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Paddy the wak
18th January 2004, 12:45
Hello ......
Powerslide was one of my all time favourite racing games ... one of the few that had really really good "Game Play"

Powerslide Slipstream a new game by RATBAG will be out later this year...
If you want it to be Surround Gaming capable ... email them to let them know ...


19th January 2004, 18:51
Hmm. That's one of the few racing games I have ever liked. I'm not into the simulations.


19th January 2004, 19:40
Didn't RATBAG produce a sprint car racing game. You know oval track dirt racing. It was a great game but I could only ever get it to run in software mode using anything newer than a geforce 1 , It was so mkuch fun playing multiplayer and a projector with a 2 metre screen :D.

Paddy the wak
20th January 2004, 00:28
Yeah ... World of Outlaw Sprint Cars
Another of their games Dirt track Racing 2 is supposed to work in surround but I haven't managed to get my hands on a copy yet.

Here's a link to there web pages ...


I emailed them and they said they would pass on my request to the Development Team - Chief Technology Officer.

Please everyone email them at ..... info@ratbaggames.com .... :D

6th February 2004, 00:51

PS was one of my favourite alltimes. I spent weeks investigating how to run it on Win2K ;)

Maybe i should install it again....


Paddy the wak
6th February 2004, 02:37
I'm afraid PS doesn't work with XP ... email Ratbag may be they could do a patch...and it will help with getting PS-Slipstream in surround.


8th February 2004, 13:08
yeah! I luved powerslide, still have it installed. I just emailed ratbag asking them to PLEZ add sg as a feature to the game. its a must have :D

Paddy the wak
11th February 2004, 09:35
Have you got PS running on XP ? ... if so ... how ?

What was your reply from Ratbag ?

11th February 2004, 16:40
I know the original has trouble with DX 9.0b even with the final patch.

6th March 2004, 11:56
I emailed the company about sg support and they said they are working on another game right now, but theyll think about sg support for it. Im gonna email them in a month or so and see whats going on